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How ALM’s Portfolio Solves Big 3D Printing Challenges

For 3D printing to become truly competitive, it must be compatible with a wider range of materials. ALM helps solve this challenge with an extensive portfolio of materials for laser sintering that add color, strength, elasticity, and fire retardation, among other unique properties.

Unlocking the ROI of a Custom Material for your Additive Manufacturing Production

Custom materials for additive manufacturing (AM) applications unlock the ability to bypass material limitations and design legacy. Custom material use can reduce cost, increase production speed, and ultimately produce better end-user applications. AM applications are, in part, dependent on the capabilities of their materials. If an application is traditionally printed with PA 850, but requires...

The Power of Choice: Selecting the Best Material for your Additive Manufacturing Journey

Choosing a material for your Additive Manufacturing (AM) production can be difficult, but knowing your application production requirements and desired material qualities allows you to tailor the application from the beginning.

ALM Releases Additive Manufacturing Industry’s First Carbon Neutral Polymer Materials

Advanced Laser Materials (ALM), an EOS company and leading materials developer for industrial 3D printing (known as additive manufacturing, or AM), has released the industry’s first carbon neutral certified polymer materials line.

Taking it Case by Case: Our Consultative Approach to Additive Manufacturing

Historically, material innovation has been time-consuming and limited to large volume businesses. The ingenuity of additive manufacturing (AM) material design breaks the fourth wall of 3D printing engineering. By tailoring the material to support and overcome the limitations in production, AM can exceed innovation expectations. Designing your material to ascend a specific production limitation can...

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