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Advanced Laser Materials’ PA 650 achieves biocompatibility certification

Temple, Texas, June 23, 2021 – Advanced Laser Materials (ALM), an EOS company and leading materials developer and manufacturer for polymer materials used in powder-bed 3D printing platforms, has received certification of biocompatibility for its PA 650 material. The popular nylon-based material achieved ISO 10993 certification that officially approves its use in applications that come...

Advance Laser Materials (ALM) Releases Four New Powders Powered By BASF

Production grade powders enable new application opportunities. “Forward AM’s Ultrasint® Polypropylene is fully weldable and its translucency and media-tightness make it perfect for tanks and reservoir prototypes,” said Jeremy Vos, Automotive and Powderbed Manager, BASF.

4 Key Benefits Of The New PP 400 Polypropylene Material For 3D Printing

That plastic to-go container in your fridge, the prescription bottle in your medicine cabinet, and the shower curtain in your bathroom: Chances are these are all made with polypropylene (PP).

SLS Material PA 830-ESD 12: Heroically Saving Electronics From Costly Static Damage

We've all experienced a shock when touching a metal doorknob -- or even deliberately made our hair stand on end by rubbing it against a balloon.

These PA6 And PP Powders Are The Materials You've Been Waiting For

Polyamide 6 (PA6) and polypropylene (PP) are some of the most widely used plastics for industrial 3D printing. They're used in various applications in automotive, aviation, electronics, and many other sectors.

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