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What’s in Store for Polymer Additive Manufacturing Materials in 2024 

The key trends and industry developments ALM anticipates for industrial polymer 3D printing in 2024  As we begin 2024, we are excited and inspired by the polymer industrial 3D printing space and what the future holds for our industry. In 2023, we saw applications like the Falcon Drone Bird, the Wilson Airless Basketball, and more,...

CASE STUDY: 3D Printed Drone Takes Flight with Customized Polymer Materials

Who is The Drone Bird Company? The Drone Bird Company is a forward-thinking Dutch technology company leading the world in the development of bird-shaped drones. Specializing in the development of fixed-wing and flapping-wing systems, and all drones are both available for purchase or as a service provided by our specially trained, highly skilled pilots. The...

Fire-Resistant Materials Expand Opportunities for Additive Manufacturing

With fire retardant materials from ALM, companies in transportation and electronics can expand their use of 3D printing.

ALM Delivers Material Choice and Engineering Expertise

With decades of expertise and the industry’s widest portfolio of powder bed materials, ALM expands opportunities for additive manufacturing ALM provides consulting services, helping clients match the right material to the right application. While ALM already boasts a wide array of materials, it recently announced a partnership with 3D Systems to add DuraForm® PAx to...

3D Systems & ALM Announce Partnership to Accelerate Materials Adoption, Drive Additive Manufacturing Industry Growth

3D Systems (NYSE:DDD) and ALM announced they have entered into a partnership to expand access to industry-leading 3D printing materials. ALM will add 3D Systems’ DuraForm® PAx material to its portfolio, providing its customers access to a unique copolymer specifically designed for use with available Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technologies.

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