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Our Expertise

Materials innovation is often a lengthy and complicated process that is limited to large volume businesses, but at ALM we do things differently.
Material Development
At ALM, we believe that everyone should have the right application and materials to help them succeed in the market. To do this, we take a unique consultative approach with each customer to provide more complete solutions. To find the perfect solution to fit each customer’s unique needs, we follow the four-phase approach of discovery, formulation, validation, and production.


In the discovery phase, our team gets to know the customer. We ask a variety of questions to identify the needs and characteristics that they are looking for, focus on key mechanical requirements, and try to work together to rank them. We then research to see if there is a product that is already available on the market that they can use, but oftentimes a custom solution needs to be formulated.


In the formulation phase, our scientists roll up their sleeves and get to work. They come up with solutions that meet the agreed upon technical requirements as identified in the discovery phase. Material samples are created, and numerous tests are run to ensure that this is the optimal solution.


The validation phase is a critical step. In this phase, our team proves that the powder that we formulated meets all the customer’s needs and demands. We work with the customer to run additional tests and verify that this is the right solution for them.


Once the customer signs off, the production phase can begin. This is where our team produces the approved material powder in quantities equal to the customer demand.

We can’t wait to identify or engineer the perfect solution for you! If you have specific questions about our process or want to get started, contact a sales rep here.