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CASE STUDY: 3D Printed Drone Takes Flight with Customized Polymer Materials

Who is The Drone Bird Company?

The Drone Bird Company is a forward-thinking Dutch technology company leading the world in the development of bird-shaped drones. Specializing in the development of fixed-wing and flapping-wing systems, and all drones are both available for purchase or as a service provided by our specially trained, highly skilled pilots. The Drone Bird Company solves pest bird problems in a non-lethal way with our flapping-wing falcon. The unique feature of this drone is its ability to chase birds away in the direction of choice out of harm’s way, without habituation. While the falcon drone bird has been in use commercially for the past several years, the latest addition to our flock has been in development: the AVES Series Larus.


Take The Drone Bird Company’s application, previously handmade with fiberglass and epoxy, and replicate its capabilities by adding 3D printed components. With customized polymer materials, the strength of the drone can be tested to withstand the product requirements.


Leverage EOS’ Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technology to 3D print the drone body and various cover-flaps with the help of ALM’s PA 640-GSL lightweight carbon material. The drone is able to be used in tandem with traditionally manufactured parts.


Faster delivery time, lower production costs, and versatility in shape, design, wall thickness, and development. Download the 3D Printed Drone Takes Flight with Customized Polymer Materials case study now to read more about how ALM collaborated with Parts on Demand, EOS, and The Drone Bird Company to bring this application to life.

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