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Unlocking the ROI of a Custom Material for your Additive Manufacturing Production

Custom materials for additive manufacturing (AM) applications unlock the ability to bypass material limitations and design legacy. Custom material use can reduce cost, increase production speed, and ultimately produce better end-user applications.

AM applications are, in part, dependent on the capabilities of their materials. If an application is traditionally printed with PA 850, but requires a higher refresh rate or biocompatibility certification, production is limited by the material’s capabilities. These restrictions can often cause slower production and/or increased cost from application building barriers.  

When material is customized, it becomes an asset to the design, rather than another limitation in the production process. Eliminating material restrictions allows for a more complete application design to achieve your manufacturing goal.

What to consider when building a custom material for your AM application:

  • If a custom material is used, will it improve my finished product?
  • Will a custom material enhance the abilities of my application?
  • What design capabilities does a custom material create for future innovations?

By engineering the material that best fits your application production, you are unlocking the ability to create new, innovative products, produce applications with fewer restrictions, and open the doors to innovative application capabilities.

Want to learn more about custom materials’ ROI? Watch Business Development Manager Jon Walker break down Advanced Laser Materials (ALM) custom materials and learn more about:

  • The unlocked potential of customized materials
  • The production benefits custom material
  • The ROI of additive manufacturing and custom materials

Visit the ALM product catalog here to view our list of current materials or learn more about creating a custom material with ALM.

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