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Taking it Case by Case: Our Consultative Approach to Additive Manufacturing

Historically, material innovation has been time-consuming and limited to large volume businesses. The ingenuity of additive manufacturing (AM) material design breaks the fourth wall of 3D printing engineering. By tailoring the material to support and overcome the limitations in production, AM can exceed innovation expectations.

Designing your material to ascend a specific production limitation can solve many application restrictions in the future, and learning from other organizations’ AM innovations can allow our own to move forward in 3D printing technology.

Aetrex, a footwear company, saw the opportunity to provide custom, 3D printed options for their clients to enhance user experience and ability. With nothing similar on the market and no material to 3D print such a product, Aetrex and Advanced Laser Materials (ALM) built the technology and materials to scan, upload and additively manufacture footwear tailored to an individual foot.

Aertrex’s original pain point of producing custom footwear and their desire to surpass design legacy became the driver of creating Digital Foam. This 3D printed varying lattice structure approach is now being used with a variety of different applications and organizations to support their unique application requirements. Tailoring the materials and business approach not only created a complete, innovative solution for Aetrex, but a revolutionary lattice structure in the process.

Learn more about ALM’s material design and listen in as ALM Project Engineer Paul South, breaks down Aetrex’s unique application requirements and the creation of Digital Foam.

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