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These PA6 And PP Powders Are The Materials You’ve Been Waiting For

Polyamide 6 (PA6) and polypropylene (PP) are some of the most widely used plastics for industrial 3D printing. They’re used in various applications in automotive, aviation, electronics, and many other sectors.
The problem is, these powders aren’t always a fit for your additive manufacturing (AM) specifications: they might be too soft, too hard, or for filled materials, too isotropic. Worse yet, they’re often considered low quality.

So, we’ve taken the guesswork out of it.
Through our partnership with BASF 3D Printing Solutions, you now have access to four of the most innovative materials for additive manufacturing: three PA6 powders and one PP powder.

  • Ultrasint® PA6 MF 
  • Ultrasint® PA6 LM
  • Ultrasint® PA6 FR
  • Ultrasint® PP nat 01

All of our materials for additive manufacturing are optimized for EOS machines, but are also brand agnostic. This means you can use a variety of third-party machines for all of your 3D printing needs.
Superior performance with outstanding thermal resistance.
All our new PA6 powders have exceptional material properties including high strength and rigidity, media tightness, and enhanced thermal distortion performance—areas where many other powder materials fall short.
They also feature in-particle fillers that ensure part consistency and create less waste through many builds.
The new PA6 powders combine high thermal resistance with outstanding mechanical performance and are the material of choice for advanced technical applications in tough environments. Some applications include:

  • Engine compartment parts
  • Jigs and fixtures
  • Piping and media flow/storage parts
  • Fluid reservoirs
  • Multi-purpose industrial goods

A cost-effective PP that doesn’t compromise.
Thanks to polypropylene’s well-known characteristics, our new PP delivers excellent chemical resistance, ductility, and media tightness.
Not only can it be used for rapid on-demand printing of individual or serial production parts, but it’s also an economical alternative to other existing additive materials.
With its high rigidity, our new PP is well-suited for everything from your most technical to your serial applications, such as:

  • Pipes and ducts for air and other media
  • Water reservoirs and manifolds
  • Economical and functional prototypes
  • Multi-purpose industrial goods
  • Sensor covers

Welcome to new possibilities.
The quality of your production and 3D printing capabilities comes down to the quality of your materials. With our new PA6 and PP powder solutions, you can now leverage high-performance AM materials in short-run production, eliminating tooling costs, and reducing overall part cost.
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At ALM, our passion is creating the best powder-based materials for additive manufacturing, so you can get creative and meet all of your product specs.
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