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SLS Material PA 830-ESD 12: Heroically Saving Electronics From Costly Static Damage

We’ve all experienced a shock when touching a metal doorknob — or even deliberately made our hair stand on end by rubbing it against a balloon. 

Similar instances of static electricity can cause irreparable damage to industrial electronics and sensitive components. If you’ve ever repaired or added new components to your computer, you may know how important it is to ground yourself first. If you don’t, you may fry your system with even the slightest static discharge.   

For additive manufacturing,  your component may have specifications, and you need a material that can protect it from static damage.

According to the EOS/ESD Association, Inc., the cost of this kind of damage to electronics can be upwards of thousands of dollars for a single device. This amount can skyrocket if you take into account the resources needed to repair and rework the damaged parts, as well as the overhead, shipping, and logistics involved. 

Enter our PA 830-ESD 12 material, designed to be used in powder-based 3D printing applications.

This innovative material for additive manufacturing gets its electrostatic-dissipative (ESD) properties from conductive graphite, which safely ground electric charges. This protects your electrostatic-sensitive devices or substances from static electricity, significantly reducing the risk of damaging or destroying your components.

As an additive manufacturing material, the possibilities of customizations and flexible designs are endless. PA 830-ESD 12’s unique SLS material properties offer applications that span a variety of industries, including semiconductors, aerospace, automotive, and more, with benefits including:

  • Protecting sensitive electronic devices, such as semiconductors in computers, phones, or inside of onboard diagnostics in aircraft
  • Increasing safety in explosive environments
  • Enhancing safety in the aerospace industry
  • Shielding and casing
  • Batteries and fuel cell technology for hybrid and EV batteries
  • Packing and delivering materials
  • Assembly fixtures for semiconductors

With its non-abrasive properties, excellent surface finish, and ease of use, our ESD substrate is the not-so-shocking solution to your electrostatic concerns.


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