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The Power of Choice: Selecting the Best Material for your Additive Manufacturing Journey

Choosing a material for your Additive Manufacturing (AM) production can be difficult, but knowing your application production requirements and desired material qualities allows you to tailor the application from the beginning.

“An application printed with the wrong material is like a glass hammer – unable to withstand the requirements of your production.”

Sam Houston, ALM Senior Global Manager

Traditional manufacturing began with something as simple as a canoe. Early craftsmen whittled and carved wooden boats, creating a form of transportation for themselves and their materials. Through time and innovation, steel revolutionized the ability to build watercrafts. It also opened up many more manufacturing opportunities.

The material was the difference and key to transforming the transportation industry. Custom material with intentional classifications can do the same for AM production.

How to pioneer your AM production:

  • Instead of following design legacy, create a material quality “wishlist” for your application
  • Consider if a custom material could be used in your organization’s product portfolio
  • Begin the design process at the chemical level of your application

Having the right material is essential to every manufacturing journey, whether it be building a boat or creating a 3D printed application.

Listen in as ALM Senior Global Manager Sam Houston discusses the power of material choice and explores:

  • The variety of laser sintering materials on the market today
  • How the power of choice revolutionizes manufacturing 
  • How to find the right materials for your application’s success

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