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Advanced Laser Materials’ PA 650 achieves biocompatibility certification

Temple, Texas, June 23, 2021 – Advanced Laser Materials (ALM), an EOS company and leading materials developer and manufacturer for polymer materials used in powder-bed 3D printing platforms, has received certification of biocompatibility for its PA 650 material.

The popular nylon-based material achieved ISO 10993 certification that officially approves its use in applications that come into contact with human skin, including surgical cutting guides, splints, orthotics, gripper trays and more. The certification also approves the material for use in various applications that come into contact with food, such as trays, assembly lines and end-of-arm tooling.

PA 650 is now available for powder-bed roller-based systems and is already in use by many Fortune 500 companies and organizations across the globe who employ industrial 3D printing for their applications.

“This biocompatibility certification opens up an abundance of new and innovative 3D printed applications that require biocompatibility certification,” said Darin Chartier, vice president at ALM. “We see the medical vertical – which already relies heavily on powder-bed 3D printing – to become the biggest consumer of this material, but other industries have expressed similar interest and we think this certification can be a difference maker getting ideas off the white board and into production.”

The ISO 10993 certification process entails three (3) specific tests that measure reactivity, cytotoxicity and sensitivity of the material. The pass/fail process involves exposing test subjects to the PA 650 to ensure no negative reactions occur. For additional information, please refer to the PA 650 datasheet.

About ALM
Advanced Laser Materials (ALM) specializes in material research, development and consultation for industrial 3D printing and additive manufacturing. Founded in 2004, ALM remains focused on providing customers with application-specific, quality-tested materials and engineering support to meet the most complex product specifications and production requirements. ALM offers the largest selection of laser sintering solutions with onsite capabilities to produce standard and specialized materials in varying quantities. Based in Temple, Texas, ALM is a wholly owned subsidiary of EOS.

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